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Resettlement of the buildings with high emergency is possible only in case of al residents’ agreement


The block of flats at 10, Arzumanyan which considered to be of 3th degree of emergency, this year has got the 4th, highest degree of emergency. The same situation is with the block of flats at 17, Arzumanyan.

The only solution to the problem is resettlement the best variant of which is the cooperation of the community and private sector. The Municipality offered the residents several solutions, but they haven’t reached any agreement yet.
“Our model is as follows. We negotiated with the investor and made an agreement that if the residents agree the building will be dismantled, the residents will be resettled by means of te constructor, a new block of flats will be built on the spot and the residents will come back”, said Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Hayk Sargsyan.
The construction of the building was to last about 2 years and contracts were to be signed to make residents be sure that they would get their flats. Besides, the constructors were to provide bank guarantees.
“In case of failing the program the residents would receive money equivalent to the surface of their flats which will be enough to get a new flat in the same area. The Municipality was ready to become a party in the contract”, explained the Deputy Mayor.
There are investors for the construction at 10 and 17 blocks of Arzumanyan street. But it is possible to carry out the project only in case the residents agree to leave the building so that it could be dismantled and the construction started.
Before settling disagreements the Municipality offered some of the residents to move to rented flats the rent of which will be compensated form the city budget. But the residents don’t approve this offer either.
According to the Municipality, there are 8 buildings of 4th emergency degree in Yerevan. Nearly 100 blocs are currently of the 3rd degree of emergency. In 3 buildings the Municipality is going to carry our fortifications.
The settlement of the problem is also possible due to social responsibility of businesses. The city authorities are trying to instill the working style adopted worldwide in Yerevan. Some entities have already responded to the problem and expressed willingness to participate in this initiative. Due to community-private sector cooperation 59 families living at 8 and 10 Artsakh street 4th lane are waiting for new flats. The building is being constructed at 3, Misakyan street. 83 families have already received their new flats.

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