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“ARMATH” laboratory to open in Nubarashen district


The First Deputy Mayor Hrachya Sargsyan was present at the opening of “Armath” engineering laboratory in the secondary school N 95 in Nubarashen administrative district of the capital. The regional coordinator of “Armath” engineering lab Armen Yenokyan, the head of Nubarashen, Maratia-Sebastia, Shengavit administrative districts were present at the event.
The interest in the sphere resulted in opening the lab. Numerous children of the administrative district visit “TUMO” Centre for Creative technologies. Besides, living in the outskirt district of the capital, the residents of Nubarashen will get the opportunity to improve their knowledge of IT field and to apply them in practice later. The lab is open not only for schoolchildren but for everyone without age limitation. Currently, the number of participants is about 80.

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