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Meetings with principals of schools and kindergartens


Currently, kindergartens are open only for the children whose parents work and have no one to leave their kids with. This measure was taken to prevent the epidemic spread. So there is still no new admission for other kids. And this causes problems for parents. The restrictions require having no more than 18 kids in one group which means that many kids waiting for their turn can’t attend pre-schools. Vice Mayor Gayane Melkom Melkomyan informs that they are in contact with the Ministry of Health and try to find ways to enlarge the groups in kindergartens. Ms Melkom Melkomyan visits the community pre-schools on the spot to be aware of the problems including facilities, food catering and attendance. She also has meetings with principals of municipal educational establishments, hears out the problems and offers. Schools are looking forward to returning to the 5-day work schedule. Restrictions can be removed only if sanitary and hygienic norms are kept, so in case of their violations administrative punishments will be exposed.
Some schools are rather old and it is rather hard to provide proper heating in them. However, the renovation of state-owned schools can be only financed from the budget and that is a real problem.
The Vice Mayor added that the policy of the Municipality aimed at education quality improvement will be continued and new projects will be worked out in parallel.

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