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It has been instructed to exclude cases of parking intercity transport beyond ending stations in Yerevan


During the weekly working meeting in the City Hall, before starting consideration of the items on the agenda the First Deputy Mayor, acting Mayor of Yerevan Kamo Areyan expressed gratitude to all employees of Yerevan Municipality and as well as state, public and youth organizations for participation in the citywide clean-up held on September 8. At the same time the persons in charge were instructed to carry on sanitary cleaning activities in the capital.
During the meeting it was noted that as a result of the inspections carried out in August by corresponding services of Yerevan Municipality and within the framework of the treaty signed between Yerevan Municipality and “Sanitek” company, the penalty of 12.967.739 AMD was applied to the company for improper organization of waste removal in August. Accordingly, the company was also warned that in case of failing in defects liquidation Yerevan Municipality will apply maximal punishment provided by the treaty.
It was reported that the control over cases of waste dumping in inappropriate places is going on. Related to the cases of building waste removal the persons in charge were instructed to strengthen the duty and to carry on citizens’ notification about the dump functioning in the capital and provided for building wastes. Besides, it was offered to bring the violators to responsibility in teamwork with Yerevan Department of the RA Police.
Regarding the cases of intercity transport parking beyond ending stations (bus stations) in Yerevan Kamo Areyan instructed to take all necessary measures jointly with the Road Police to ensure final settlement of the problem and normal wok of transport inside the city.
In connection with the construction activities being carried out in various spheres of urban economy it was instructed to keep fixed terms and to take measures determined by law in case of violation.


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