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Concert of “Little singers of Armenia” choir in Stepanakert


On June 13, within the frames of the official visit of Yerevan Mayor to Stepanakert, the concert of “Little singers of Armenia” choir was held in the Palace of Culture and Youth of Stepanakert. In his greeting speech Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan said, “I am happy to see our eastern capital so bright, clean and what is the most important-peaceful. Not only streets and parks are clean here, but people’s eyes and souls are clean as well, and we must convey the warmth and sincerity of the heroic Artsakh people to your brothers and sisters in Yerevan. I want to state with pleasure, that our capitals have numerous programs fulfilled in teamwork, beginning from construction and improvement up to cultural and sport events. These events are becoming internationally spread. In a few weeks Yerevan is going to host the Europe Championship U-19. It is an outstanding event for our city, maybe the greats sport event in the history of our country. Another international football event has been held in Stepanakert recently-ConIfa. We were watching the games with special inspiration. And with even more excitement were are looking forward to the beginning of the 7th pan Armenian Games to be held in the hospitable Artsakh land”.
With their performances the little singers of Armenia created a wonderful event for the residents of Artsakh.
This year from August 30 to September 2, the Days of Yerevan will be held in Artsakh. On September 1, prior to Artsakh Independence Day, a great concert dedicated to the 80th birthday anniversary of Tigran Mansuryan will be held in Stepanakert square, and the State Symphonic Orchestra of Armenia will be performing the works composed by Maestro Mansuryan.


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