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Mayor Hayk Marutyan visits kindergartens where renovations are carried out


Within the frames of the program of building and improvement of Yerevan Municipality provided for 2020, complete renovation is planned in 11 municipal kindergartens. In ten kindergartens the process has already started. The pre-schools involved in the program haven’t been renovated since their establishment. Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan watched the process on the spot.

“Last year we disbursed AMD 1.5 milliard, but because of a number of competition problems we weren’t able to accomplish the program. We redirected the financial means to this year and added 1 more milliard to it, so the amount provided for this year’s renovations is 2.5 milliard dram. We are going to renovate 23 kindergartens: 11 ones within the frames of municipal programs and 12 ones within the frames of the program to be implemented jointly with the UNO”, stressed Mayor Marutyan.
The complete renovation includes installation of new drainage systems, new, comfortable lavatories, new communication lines. The rooms are provided with new doors, windows and furniture, kitchens will get new systems of ventilation and appliances. The roofs are to be renovated as well. The buildings are thermoinsulated for the first time which will make it possible to save gas and energy costs. Energy saving LED lamps will be installed as well.
The Mayor instructed to pay special attention to the quality of materials and work. The renovation activities are planned to be over till the end of the year.
Currently the problem of children’s attendance is being discussed. There are two ways out of the situation when kindergartens are being renovated. First the kids will have to stay home and start going to kindergartens when the process of renovation is over, and second, they can be hosted in other kindergartens. The problem is to be discussed with parents.
After the renovation some kindergartens will be expanded and new groups will be opened.
The city authorities ensure that the process of renovation and improvement of kindergartens will be continued.
“We will do our best to provide best conditions for our children so that they will have only bright and happy memories of their years spent in pre-schools”, said Hayk Marutyan.


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