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The final version of the project of the new transport system has been presented


The final version of the project of new transport system was presented at the regular meeting of the expert group for the reforms in public transport sphere of Yerevan. The representatives of different subdivisions of the Municipality, members of the Council of Elders of Yerevan , representatives of public sector, experts, as well as members of the working group formed by the decision of the deputy Prime Minister to discuss the issues related to new transport system installation were present at the meeting.
Attaching importance to the process of public transport reformation Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan expressed hope that owing to the installation of the transport network in the capital, the city will have an appropriate urban system of passenger transportation.
The members of the British consulting company WYG presented the final report stressing that modern unified network of public transport will provide a flexible and integrated tariff and ticket system. Instead of 111 currently operated bus itineraries the new system offers 42 itineraries, the number of vehicles will significantly decrease: 845 buses and 101 trolleybuses will be operated.
The bus fleet also includes spare parts which make up 15% of the total number. The length of the itineraries will be reduced more than three times. It doesn’t mean that the coverage will be decreased too. It only means that the repeated routes will be liquidated due to which significant economy will become possible in network operation which in its turn will provide tariff burden relief.
Public transport will be adapted for people with locomotor disabilities
Within the frames of the meeting the participants also presented their suggestions and opinions related to the new itinerary maintenance, installation of the program, technical capacities of buses, tariff calculation, development of electric transport and other issues.
“Transport is of important strategic significance for us that’s why currently we tend to the project implementation for 100% at the cost of community and state
Financial means, and then we would try to understand what share of it can be delegated to private sector”, said the Mayor of the capital, expressing gratitude to WYG for the cooperation, as well as to the expert group for public transport reformation for the work done.
“It is a great responsibility the state and the community of Yerevan undertook. We hope that the new transport network will be put into operation not later than in two years”, stressed Hayk Marutyan.



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