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Protected green zones and new to building sites organization


The season of construction processes activation in the capital has started, and new requirements for building sites organization have been set. The Council of Elders has recently made changes in the obligatory norms for building sites organization and sanitary conditions. Business entities are obliged to protect and preserve the green areas adjacent to the building sites they are developing.
According to deputy director of “Landscaping and Environment Protection” SNCO Christina Vardanyan, the culture of protecting the environment while construction development was customary in Yerevan in the 1980s, so it is necessary to return to this principle and preserve the green fund of the city.
From now on, building materials or any equipment and machinery could be piled not closer than 1,5 m from a tree or a bush. Each tree and bush should be separated to be preserved.

Another decision was related to the new design for construction site perimeter fencing. All construction sites will be fenced with special wallpapers the design of which is available for developing companies at the official website of Yerevan Municipality –, “Urban development” section.
The author of the new fencing is graphic designer Sargis Antonyan who responded to the proposal made by the Municipality of Yerevan to work out a new design and give it to Yerevan as a gift. The images printed on the fencing wallpaper represent historical and cultural sites of Yerevan.
Another requirement related to construction sites is the presence of notice-boards informing about the developing company, to providing passages for passers-by, preservation of sanitary conditions as well as separation of the area.
Large-scale construction shouldn’t create any inconvenience for townspeople.
In case of not meeting the requirements for construction activities fines and penalties can be exposed.

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