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Department of Children and Social Protection

Functions of the department
Brief report on the work done in January-September 2019

The social strategy of Yerevan Municipality is aimed at effective management of social risks in the capital, gradual reduction and prevention of poverty, creation of sustainable social environment in the capital.
Basing on the five-year program of Yerevan development and provisions of Yerevan Mayor’s election campaign, the department of Social welfare has planned and is going to implement in 2019 the programs aimed at the improvement of social level of the population.


The activities carried out in January-September of 2019


As regards delegated liabilities:
Programs of state social assistance

Family, social allowances, urgent aid and compensation of money deposits.

Programs of social aid provided within voluntary authorities
1. Problems of people with disabilities:
The meeting of the commission for the problems of people with disabilities was held. The program of the activity of the commission in 2019 was submitted to the Mayor. The brief report on the activities carried out within the program scheduled for 2017-2021 was presented to the RA Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

2. Organization of the activity of charity canteens:
Within the scope of the collaboration between Yerevan Municipality and NGOs, in some cases through co-financing, 19 charity canteens function in Yerevan. Nearly 2400 needy beneficiaries once a day get hot meals there. The department has carried out regular inspections over the activity of the canteens.
The program will be continued throughout the year

3. The process of providing homeless people and beggars with temporary shelters has been continued
Within the reported period 66 homeless people were provided with shelters, 15 grown-up beggars were also found and explanatory work was carried out with them to prevent further begging.
Currently there are 100 homeless people in the temporary shelters of Yerevan.

4. Programs of social assistance to Syrian Armenian families have been continued. Within the reported period 288 needy Syrian Armenian families got social assistance: 4 families got financial assistance, 141 families got household appliances and clothing, 143 families got food assistance. Besides, 24 families were included in the state program of social aid. As a result of the motoring, nearly 1500 Syrian Armenian families got compensation for rents and utility costs provided by “Mission Armenia” organization.

5. The information related to the Municipality in accordance with the paragraphs of “The program of measures for the strategy of overcoming the results of aging and social assistance to elderly people to be realized in 2017-2021” of the RA Government decision N20 made at the meeting of May 18,2017, was summarized and passed to the RA Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

6. In accordance with the RA Government decision N 1044-N “On establishment of the regulations of inter-departmental social cooperation” made on 10.09.2015, as a result of the cooperation, monitoring and assessment of the working group formed on the decision of Yerevan Mayor N 3414-A made on 26.10.2015 summarized the disputable cases of the social, health care and educational spheres and presented them to the RA Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
7. Cooperation with public bodies and joint social programs. The cooperation was carried out with the following public organizations engaged in social problems: “German Red Cross” charity NGO, “Hans Christian Kofoed”, “Mission Armenia”, “The Union of the Blind of Armenia”, “The Union of the Deaf of Armenia”, “Unison”, “Bridge of Hope”, “Savious”, “Rescue”, “World Vision Armenia”, “SOS Children Villages” and other organizations.

8. On the International Women’s Day, March 8, watching of performances at the State Theater of Musical Comedy after H. Paronyan was organized for 2000 women included in social groups. Those invited were presented roses as well.

10. On the occasion of Day of Maternity and Beauty, April 7, to encourage maternity social assistance was provided for young mothers with many children, those who are going to become mothers and Syrian Armenian women.

11. On the Day of Genocide Commemoration, April 24 one-time financial aid was given to two citizens survived in the Genocide.

12. On May 18-19, the visits of parents of fixed-period servicemen serving in the army in the frontier military units were organized.

13. 385 school-age children from Yerevan from the families of the fallen or injured servicemen, orphans and children from needy families as well as from Syrian-Armenian families were sent to the sport and health resorts of Tsaghkadzor and Hanqavan to spend their summer holidays in accordance with the program of the RA Government and with the assistance of Yerevan Municipality.
In upcoming months it is planned:

• To show support to needy families prior to September, the beginning of the school year.

• On the occasion of the International Day of Elderly People social programs are to be implemented to show support to the elderly.

• On the occasion of the Day of Disabled People programs of social support are to be carried out for people with disabilities.
• Food support programs are to be implemented for needy families.

• On the event of the New Year and Christmas 4000 children from vulnerable social groups are to participate in New Year festive events.
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