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«Children's policlinic of Arabkir» CJS

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«Children's policlinic of Arabkir» CJS

«Children's policlinic of Arabkir» CJSC provides medical and preventive measures. The policlinic was founded in 1961. Until 1994 it was involved in «Arabkir» children's hospital. In 1994, after the liquidation of the children's hospital it functioned as a separate policlinic, and in 2004 it was included in «Kanaker-Zeytun» MC CJSC, and since October 1,2012 it has become an independent establishment being called «Children's policlinic of Arabkir» CJSC. The building of the policlinic was repaired in 1997. In 2008 the entrance of the building, the reception department and stomatology room were renovated by the financial means of Arabkir administrative district and the City Hall of Plessis-Robinson community of France. The policlinic was recognized as a child-friendly establishment by UNISEF.


The policlinic provides the following services

• Pediatric
• Neurology
• Logopaedic
• Surgery
• Dermatology
• Diagnostics
• Endocrinological
• Cardiologic
• Children’s gynecology
• Ophtalmological
• Allergology
• Rheumatology
• Gastroenterology and homeopathy
• Physiotherapy
• Pulmonology
• Ultrasound Examination


Director-Satenik Minasyan
Address- Yerevan, Papazyan 32
(010) 26-11-31