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Avan, Holy Mother of God Church

The Holy Mother of God church in Avan districts of Yerevan was built in 1996-2000 by the residents of the district: the 1st class counselor of justice Grisha Melik-Sargsyan and the entrepreneur Armen Aghajanyan. The height of the church is 11 m, total surface is 30 sq m. The church also has a belfry. According to the decision of the Council of Elders of Yerevan, the plot of 600 sq m was allotted for the church construction with the right of unlimited use. The construction started in 1996 and lasted 7 years. Near the church were constructed the house for the spiritual pastor, the residence of the chairman of the parish council and a spiritual centre. The construction of the church was blessed by the All Armenian Catholicos and the vicar of the Ararat Diocese of the AAC. They also showed significant support to the construction. The ritual of blessing was held on November 9,2002. According to the decision of the clergy council, Grisha Melik-Sargsyan was appointed the chairman of the parish council of the church.