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Climate conditions

Yerevan is located in 2 landscape zones: desert-semidesert climate prevails on the altitude 850-1000 m, and dry steppe climate is spread on higher altitude. Topsoil is very diverse: soils from grey-brownish to brown prevail. The total duration of sunny days is up to 2700 hours. The average annual temperature is 8.8-11.6, and the average annual fluctuation of temperature is equal to 31.
The summer season lasts more than 4 months with dry and hot weather, the average air temperature in August is 22-26оC, and the peak temperature is equal to 41.4оC. Mountain-valley winds blow in summer, which become stronger in the 2nd half of the day sometimes reaching 15-20 m/sec.
Winter is moderately cold: constant snow cover is formed not every year. The average temperature in January is -4-6, and the peak temperature is ‑31. Light winds prevail.
Spring is short with unsteady weather.
Mild, sunny and windless autumn is peculiar to Yerevan.
The average annual volume of atmospheric precipitation is 250-370 mm. Maximum precipitations fall in May.