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School division


The Department of General Education, following the programs of cooperation of Yerevan Municipality with sister-cities in the sphere of education, carries on strengthening intercultural ties with the embassies of Russia, France, Germany, Iran, China and other countries and the cultural centres adjunct to them. Within the frames of the cooperation between Yerevan and Saint Petersburg mutual visits of school delegations are carried on. In June, 8 pupils with high progress from Yerevan schools, together with two teachers and a specialist of the department participated in “Scarlet Sails” events in Saint Petersburg. Within the frames of  “Saint Petersburg Days in Yerevan” event the master classes of the directors of Saint Petersburg schools N 619 and N 235 were held in Yerevan school N55 to share experience in inclusive education.
• Cooperation has been carried out with the educational-cultural organization “Armenian Alliance Francois”. The events dedicated to the French-Armenian friendship: TV bridges with the schools of French-speaking counties were held within Francophonie month. (schools N 1,31,32,48,52,78,93,125,158 and others).
• On the event of the Francophonie month and the 17th summit of Francophonie in Yerevan events dedicated to the French-Armenian friendship, Charles Aznavour and other art figures of the Armenian origin from France were organized in fifty schools of the capital where French is taught. In the schools with German studies (N6, N60), advanced teaching of German was provided within the frames of “German diploma” program.

Within the scope of the cooperation with the culture divisions of the embassies of Iran, Germany, China in Armenia cognitive mutual visits of schoolchildren were organized.

The education program “Generation of Changes” in collaboration with the British Council was organized. A room of English studies enriched with modern technologies of teaching and 100 names of English literature, was opened in the school N 162 included in the program. A number of specialists participated in trainings organized in Edinburgh, Scotland.



Implementation of the programs provided for by the memoranda signed in previous years (cooperation of Yerevan Municipality with Kh. Abovyan Pedagogical University, “Bridge of Hope”, “World Vision”, “Mission Armenia” NGOs) was continued.

New memoranda were signed between:

Yerevan school N56 after S. Zoryan and “School lover” lyceum of Paris

Yerevan school N 125 after S. Byurat and “Davityan” one-day school of Valance

Yerevan school N162 after Siamanto and the Sunday school of “Ararat” Armenian union of Spain

Yerevan school N82 after H. Poghosyan the one-day Armenian school of Uspala

Yerevan school N48 after M. Manushyan and the “National school” of Marseille

Yerevan school N69 after A. Sakharov and the Sunday school “Our home” of Domodedovo, Russia

Yerevan school N8 after A. Pushkin, school N55 after A. Chekhov, school N122 after A. Blok, school N132 after H. Isakov, school N181 and special school N 6 and St. Petersburg schools N619, N232, n 235, N574, N 489 respectively and psychological-pedagogical centre.

17 schools cooperate with “Armath” engineering labs.


  Pre-school division


The pre-school division of the Department of General Education has always cooperated with various organizations, holding seminars-discussions and trainings.


- “Save the Children” NGO

• Within the frames of “For child’s education and health” program, “Development of games, studies and participation at infant and pre-school age via inclusion index”
• “Research for the availability of pre-school education in Armenia”,
• “Inclusive system of care and development in early childhood in Armenia” concept
• Development of “ Action plan for disaster risk reduction and emergency situation”


- “World Vision International”

•  “Inclusive education in pre-schools”

- “Fund for Armenian Relief” centre for children’s support

• “Support for children of refugee families”

- “ Bridge of Hope” NGO

• “ Smooth transition from pre-school to school”


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