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French Higher Institute of Engineering in Armenia

French Higher Institute of Engineering in Armenia

French Higher Institute of Engineering in Armenia was established on May 24, 2013 on the basis of a memorandum signed in Paris with the participation of Armenian and French Governments.
The aim of the Institute is to contribute to the formation of French Engineering Educational modelin Armenia by implementing internationally recognized experience of French Engineering, as well as modern technologies and European standards in this field.

The vision of French Higher Institute of Engineering in Armenia is to preparehighly qualified specialists who can be competitive in the international labor market, and at the same time, applytheir knowledge and skills gained in the Institute to the development of Armenian.


The Institute currently offers the following 5 programs for both Bachelor's Degree and Master’s Degree:
• Architecture and Design
• Urbanism and new construction technologies
• Infrastructure engineering
• Finance engineering
• Telecommunication and Information Systems Management
The Institute provides:
• Higher Education according to French Educational model
• Experienced staff including invited lecturers from abroad forprofessional courses held in English and French
• Competitive education and scholarships for best students
• Professional internships in Armenian and French organizations
• Intensive courses of French and English
• French and Armenian Engineering Diplomas


Official partners of Institute are:
• ASIFA-BTP-Association of Support to the formation of France-Armenian Institute of Civil Engineering
• Foundation VINCI
• Foundation Artelia


Educational partners of Institute are:
• ECL – Central University of Lion
• HEI - Higher Institute of Engineering of Lille
• ENTPE - National State Institute of Public Works
• ECM- Central University of Marcel
• College of Vencen


For more information:
4/4 David Anhaght,
0037Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: +374 10 209 222
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