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Construction of an underground passage in intersection of Sayat Nova avenue and Abovyan street through second entrance of "Yeritasardakan" metro station

Project Description. The project proposes to construct an underground urban area in intersection of Sayat-Nova and Abovyan Streets with pedestrian passage. It is envisaged to construct pavilions for commercial and public services, as well as an upper hall, which was previously planned, at the second entrance of Yeritasardakan metro station.
The upper hall at the second entrance of Yeritsardakan metro station is envisaged to be constructed at the yard adjacent to the residential building in Abovyan Street, along the existing tunnels of the subway. Passenger access from te upper entrance to the existing underground station will be organized by an escalator and by a tunnel/ 50 m length /.
Underground passageway hall / width 7 m / will connect to the underground area of Abovyan Street. It is also possible to envisage trade pavillions in the mentioned area.

The proposal includes the following 3 options:

Option 1. The structure mainly includes the intersection part till the underground passage of the station

Option 2. The structure includes the underground section of Abovyan street up to the residential building

Option 3. The structure spreads along Sayat Nova and Abovyan streets without station passage which can be envisaged at the second stage

Technical Data.

Option 1. Surface area is 3 260 square meters /without underground passage to station/.

Option 2. Surface area is 3 000 square meters /without underground passage to station/

Option 3. Surface area 5 700 square meters.

Project Deadlines. Project duration:

- underground passage construction-2 years,

- subway entrance hall- up to 4 years

Project Cost. Necessary investment for project implementation will be USD 4-7 million: the cost of replacement works of underground engineering utilities is not included.

Investment Type and Fundamental Terms. Community-private investment

Present Data. The construction design proposal is available.

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