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Construction of modern center for elderly people in Yerevan


Project Description. The project aims to create a special center for the elderly people in Yerevan, the people living there will benefit from high-quality health and social services, recreation and entertainment necessary conditions. The complex will include a day center for the elderly people.
The complex will consist of separate settlements of medical and social institutions, aimed to provide professional care to people deprived from living conditions. The project will provide a wide range of medical and social services for elderly and disabled citizens. The complex will consist of several buildings or cottages. Each building or cottage will be specialized in a specific disease treatment (rehabilitation after fractures and heart attacks, neurological disease, etc.).
The elderly people of the complex will have an opportunity to participate in recreational, cultural and sports events, take part in various activities.

For complex construction 2 solutions are proposed:

Option 1: Construction of the building complex with appropriate corpuses/buildings

Option 2. Cottage complex construction

Technical Data.  Land area: 1.5-2 ha.

Option 1: 2-3 storey building. Surface of one floor is 2400 sq. m., the total surface of the building is 6000 sq. m

Option 2: Cottage style construction with a common corridor. It will have 2 floors. The total surface of the complex is 1100 sq. m., the total surface of the construction is 2200 sq. m.


Project Deadlines. Consturction implementation duration is 3 years.

Project Cost.

Option 1: The total amount is USD 5.2 million, from which the building construction amount is USD 4.8 million, reconstruction amount is USD 0.4 million.

Option 2: The total amount is USD 2 million, from which the building construction amount is USD 1.8 million, improvement amount is USD 0.2 million.

Investment Type and Fundamental Terms. The project is envisaged to be implemented by attracting privet investment. Yerevan Municipality will assist the investor in obtaining the necessary documentation for project implementation.

Present Data. Availability of conceptual design

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