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Construction project of "Fortress of Yerevan" public, business and cultural complex


Project Description.   The project aims to improve the western part of the city, by building social, business and cultural complex.
Generally, by this public construction it is expected to transfer the area into cultural and business center, office space for diplomatic missions and international organizations. It is also planned to build a settlement for diplomats as well as to create a recreational/ leisure zone of citywide significance.
The area is situated in the south western part of the city, in the zone of the Hrazdan River gorge and covers an area of 164.1 ha. The investment project proposes:

1.Residential zone for diplomatic missions
It is envisaged to construct a residential block for the employees of diplomatic missions and international organizations.

2.Residential zone
It is envisaged to build 5 yard groups of residential buildings in the new block.

3.Tourism center
By the implementation of the "Fortress of Yerevan" project it is planned to rehabilitated the territory and transfer it into international social and cultural complex with museums, galleries, halls, offices for diplomatic missions, business centers and etc.


Technical Data.   The area for the residential construction covers 4.3 hectares. An individual low-rise residential house will be built in the territory as well as blocks with terrace type houses: 3 blocks with 3-4-storey 16 buildings with the area in average of 11,000 square meters, 5 blocks with 1-2-storey 115 buildings with the area in average of 11,000 square meters.
The residential buildings of 5 yards group will include 3-4 storey 29 apartment buildings with the area in average of 16400 square meters.
It is planned to build 2 hotel complexes with the area of 3ha.


Project Deadlines.   Project implementation duration is 3 years. It is possible to split the implementation of the project into phase.


Project Cost.   The project cost depends on the design solutions.


Investment Type and Fundamental Terms.   The project will be implemented with the involvement of private investment. Yerevan Municipality will assist the investors in providing information about the legal status of land acquisition documents necessary for project implementation. Yerevan Municipality will assist in the preparation and organization of the project activities.


Present Data.   Sketch -design paper designed by "YerevanProject" company is available.

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