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Investment project to construct theme park "12 capitals of Armenia"

Project Description.    The project aims to create a unique park on the eve of Erebuni-Yerevan foundation, dedicated to the Erebuni-2800 anniversary, which will exhibit the cultural, historical, architectural uniqueness of 12 capitals of Armenia (Armavir, Van Yervandashat, Artashat, Tigranakert, Vagharshapat, Dvin, Bagaran, Shirakavan, Kars, Ani, Yerevan). In this park the visitor can discover the cultural heritage of the buildings, architectural monuments, monasteries and the way of living. Van will be presented on the cliff built with citadel, vineyards and flower gardens and with a channel which was unique for that period. Yervandashat will be presented by a citadel on the shore of Aras River with a citadel with high walls, fortified gates made from copper.

 Artashat capital will also be presented, which was called “Armenian Cartagena” by the contemporaries of that time. It will be presented by its citadel, row walls, palaces and with temple dedicated to the goddess Anahit, as well as by the "Silk way" which used to pass here with its taverns and merchants. Tigranakert will be presented with its thick walls, king's palace surrounded by lakes, parks. The resorted temple dedicated to the goddess Anahit, mythical walls of Armavir, the restored citadel of Dvina , cult Bagaran, royal residence Shirakavan of Ashot the Iron, the fortified castle of Kars, "a city of a thousand and one churches." -Ani. Yerevan will be presented starting form the foundation until nowadays.

Information panels will be designed to allow the visitor to download a sample of the history and interesting facts. The visitor will also have the opportunity to taste the best traditional dishes of the capitals. 

The result of the project will be the awareness of the habitants and as well as the visitors of Yerevan. It will make possible to have an idea about the history of Armenian capitals.

Such parks with miniature exhibitions exist in different countries, including Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Israel, Ukraine and other countries.

The envisaged park will include tours with guides; open air cultural events will be organized in the park, as well as Armenian national theme festivals. Park will be furnished with benches, a souvenir shop, food points and parking.

Technical Data.    The total area of the complex covers around 5000 square meters.



Project Deadlines.   Project implementation deadlines: around 2 years.



Project Cost.   Around USD 3 million.



Project Type and Fundamental Terms.    Community-Privet investment



Present Data.   Conceptual design is available.


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