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Investment project to create adventure city for children

Project Description.    The project aims to create a small “city” in order to ensure active, interesting and extreme leisure of children of different ages.
The entertainment "city" is envisaged to be built in the Hrazdan River gorge, which will be a happy, multifunctional and secure unique playground providing entertainment service. The high quality service, new technologies and diverse interests will ensure children’s active leisure. The highly qualified specialists will ensure the maximum security of small customers during all games, as well as they will train and teach how to overcome all obstacles and extreme gaming stages of the city. All the games existing in the small city, including paint ball, lazertag, quest, climbing, rope jumping, panda park, archery and paint ball, rifle range, ATV, buggy, labyrinth, cage, soccer, volleyball and others aim to develop endurance, logic among the children and raise strive for overcoming obstacles.

The project includes options for entertainment both for children and their parents. While the children are involved in games, parents can enjoy their free time in a café, designed relevant to the environment, and if desired, together with their children, parents can participate in games.

The cafe will be envisaged for organizing events for children, where experienced specialists will entertain kids and will make their day a great event.


Technical Data.   Adventurous city will cover around 1 ha.


Project Deadlines.   Project implementation duration is around 3 years.


Project Cost.  The total cost of the project will be around USD 1 million.


Investment Type and Fundamental.  Terms Community-privet investment


Present Data.  Conceptual design is available.

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