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Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan meets with Managing Director of “Gehl Architects” company


Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan met with the members of the delegation headed by the Managing Director of “Gehl Architects” company Henriette Wamberg. “Gehl Architects” is a world-known Danish consulting company engaged in the sphere of panning and development of pubic urban spaces. The aim of the visit of Danish specialists is to study the possibilities of urban planning on the spot.
Presenting his approaches Mayor Taron Margaryan stressed that it’s necessary to draw up a guideline in which all the criteria of convenient urban environment will be described in details.
“ During the last years we follow the firm policy to make Yerevan maximally comfortable both for townspeople and for guests. As a result of the system approach we managed to carry out significant activities in this regard. It’s obvious that in order to have a comfortable city we must have concrete position for urban developers and investors as well as for city authorities. I hope that due to teamwork with our specialists, applying your many-year experience worldwide we will be able to find the most effective solutions”, stressed Taron Margaryan and assured once again that Yerevan is ready for cooperation.
Expressing gratitude for warm welcome and readiness for cooperation the Managing Director of “Gehl Architects” Henriette Wamberg noted that their company is interested in the cooperation with the Municipality and further activity in Yerevan.
“Mister Mayor, first of all I’d like to thank you for your willingness for cooperation. We greet your approach to formation of convenient urban environment and I hope that as a result of out team work we will be able to offer effective solutions which will be acceptable for everyone”, said Henriette Wamberg.
During the meeting Danish specialists presented Yerevan Mayor the activity of their company outlining that “Gehl Architecst” had made up urban environment guidelines for San-Francisco, New-York, Copenhagen, Moscow and more than 20 large cities worldwide.
At the end of the meeting Mayor Taron Margaryan offered to create a working group and to study the perspectives of cooperation after which the schedule for further activities will be drawn up.


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