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Our Partners

"World Vision"
International Benevolent Organization

Within the scope of the cooperation between the Division and the "World Vision" International Benevolent Organization "a round table" was arranged and conducted in Malatia Sebastia district with the participation of the representatives of commissions of trusteeship and custodianship of the 12 administrative districts of Yerevan, of the juvenile divisions of the Yerevan Department of the RA Police. The theme of the «round table» was «Measures directed at prevention of juvenile delinquency”. During 2011 the Armenian affiliate of the "World Vision International" donated property to the Children’s Rights Protection Division, particularly, 2 computers together with their accessories.


"Save the Children"
International Benevolent organization

By the program "Let’s unite for the sake of children. Let’s save the future" implemented by the International Benevolent Organization "Save the children" the Division organized in the City Hall a meeting – discussion with the secretaries of the commissions of trusteeship and custodianship of the administrative districts the theme of which was "Reduction of violence against children".

Jointly with the International benevolent Organizations "World Vision" and "Save the Children", with the participation of the members of trusteeship and custodianship commissions of the administrative districts meeting-discussions are held in the City Hall every month to discuss the issues requiring various solutions. The specialists of the Division provide corresponding professional consulting for different cases. Legislative changes are discussed as well.


"Penal Reform Internationa"
International Benevolent organization


The Division participated in the discussions of efficient implementation of the three-year program “Promotion of up-to-date concepts of juvenile justice implementation in Armenia” which was implemented by the South Caucasus office of “Penal Reform International” and financed by the European Union.


"People in need"
International Benevolent Organization

For the members of the trusteeship and custodianship commissions of the administrative districts jointly with the international public organization “People in need” “a round table” was organized with the theme “Prevention of children’s trafficking increasing the level of awareness and creating cooperation networks’.

"Association of women with university education"
Non-governmental organization

In accordance with the national program “Against gender violence” approved by the RA Government and the program of measures of “Against gender violence” program provided for 2012 jointly with "Association of Women with University Education" NGO a seminar called "Gender strategy and fundamental problems" was held in the City Hall for the representatives of the administrative districts, of a number of non-governmental organizations, of juvenile divisions of the Police.
City programs regarding the fundamental gender issues are elaborated jointly with AWUE NGO.

"Hope and Help"
Non-governmental organization

With the aim of trafficking prevention in Yerevan, by means of ‘Hope and Help” NGO the secretaries of the commissions and trusteeship and custodianship of the 12 administrative districts of Yerevan were given a book titled “ 216 questions and answers over the system of children’s rights protection and people’s trafficking prevention”. The book includes questions which are frequently asked the specialists of the mentioned fields. The answers are given in accordance with the existing legislation.

Non-governmental organization

Together with "Zangakatun" NGO the Division established close social partnership in the following directions: joint discussion of social programs and certain cases, arrangement of estimating home visits, providing children’s food and clothing to the children in heavy living conditions, reveling of children left out of education and arrangement of realization of the right for education, joint urgent respond in emergency situations.