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Our social partners



Different social groups of the capital involve people who can’t live without additional support and only by means of state social programs and the Municipality support their problems are impossible to solve. Accordingly, the Municipality cooperates with a number of public structures due to the support of which various social programs can be implemented.

“World Vision Armenia”


Trainings for the specialists of social, health and program divisions of the staffs of the heads of the administrative districts and the specialists of Stepanakert Municipality were organized within the frames of the grant program of the European Union within the scope of the cooperation of Yerevan Municipality with “World Vision” international public benevolent organization.

The teaching staff of the Faculty of Sociology of Yerevan State University provided thematic trainings for social workers to enrich their knowledge and skills in assessment and use of social resources, methods of work with needy families, stress management and communication ethics with visitors and so on.

Corresponding certificates were given to the participants of the trainings by the Municipality of Yerevan and “World Vision”.
Besides, significant programs are implemented by the “World Vision Armenia” particularly in Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district and support is provided for numerous needy families.

We are grateful to the Armenian office of the “World Vision” for being our partner and showing support to needy families.

Social cooperation through delivering high-quality social services



“Mission Armenia”

For more than 20 years “Mission Armenia” NGO, by the financing of the RA Government, local authorities and other international donor organizations provides social and health services for nearly 8000 elderly, disabled people, refugees settled in temporary shelters and other vulnerable layers in 22 cities of 8 marzes of the Republic.
In 1993, the “MA” NGO cooperating with the bodies of local governance created a system of social and medical services and charity canteens in Yerevan. More than 4000 elderly people, disabled people, refugees and needy families made use of it. The system includes 3 municipal centres, 6 daytime centres/charity canteens, social homes for lonely elderly people /the first on in the RA/, medical aid rooms and other infrastructures. Hot meals consisting of 2-3 dishes are served once a day in all charity canteens of Yerevan.
The “MA” NGO with its experienced social workers, custodians, physicians, nurses, psychologists, lawyers provides all sorts of services to its beneficiaries irrespectively of their situation. The centres provide social-psychological, social-medical, food, legal, consulting assistance, deliver trainings and actions aimed at the development and activation of skills of the beneficiaries, and those who are motionless are visited and provided with care and support at home.

The services are provided with the documentation corresponding the RA and international standards with the licenses given by the RA Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.





The “Fund for Armenian Relief” and “Orran” organizations carry out a number of charity programs in Yerevan as well. These programs aim to provide support to needy families, children, elderly people. The latter also make use of the charity canteens of the organizations.



Armenian-Danish charity foundation “Hans-Christian Cofoed”

One of the social partners of the Municipality of Yerevan is the Armenian-Danish charity foundation “Hans-Christian Cofoed” the Department of Social Welfare of the Municipality of Yerevan has been cooperating since 2011 by the initiative of Mayor T. Margaryan. The foundation carries out the program of revealing of homeless people and their accommodation in temporary shelters. The social cooperation is going on.



“Little Bridge” charity NGO

One of the best social partners of the Municipality of Yerevan is the “Little Bridge” NGO which has implemented numerous charity programs in the capital ?particularly in Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district/.
Currently, this cooperation is going on with the Social Welfare Department of the Municipality of Yerevan. The Municipality would like to thank the President of the organization Maria Goris and the Director Beniamin Aghamalyan for the cooperation and social responsibility.

Social Welfare Department of the Municipality of Yerevan