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National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia

National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia

In Armenia education in architecture and construction started simultaneously with the organization of Yerevan State University in October 1921.
In July, 1930 Institute of Construction of Arm SSR was founded on the basis of the Technical Faculty of YSU, and it had three faculties: of architecture and construction, hydro-technical and chemical. By 1933 only one faculty left-the faculty of construction (the hydro-technical stopped functioning and the chemical and technological faculty became a separate institute), with 354 students and 61 teachers.
In February 1933, the Institute of Construction was renamed into Polytechnic which involved the Chemical-Technological Institute as well. During the war, post-graduation was installed for a number of specializations, and the institute got the right for defending scientific dissertations.
In September 1955, the new complex of Polytechnic Institute constructed by the design of architect Artashes Mamijanyan was put into operation.
By 1959, the Faculty of Construction provided education in six specializations: “industrial and civil construction”, “architecture”, “hydro-technical construction, “automobile construction”, “water supply and sewage”, “heat and gas supply”.
In 1974 departments of architecture and construction and engineering and construction were opened on the basis of the Faculty of Construction.

By the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Arm.SSR made on July 11,1989, on the basis of corresponding faculties and chairs of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute was founded Institute of Architecture and Construction which in 2000 was renamed into Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction and in 2014-into National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia.
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