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Waste containers and their surroundings are under video surveillance


Now you can see “The area under video surveillance” signs in various places of Shengavit administrative district. Currently 34 video cameras provide 24-hour surveillance and fix all possible illegalities in problematic areas where people often dump building wastes and bulky household items.

The cameras are provided with wi-fi system and transmit the information which the employees can download into their mobiles.
Dumping wastes in undetermined areas is to be imposed administrative sanctions. Due video surveillance drawing relevant protocols becomes more effective.
The penalty for dumping up to 1m3 of building wastes for individuals is 20-30 thousand AMD and 50-80 thousand AMD for a larger area. For legal entities the penalty is 50-80 thousand for 1 m3 and 200-300 thousand respectively. The goal of sanctions is not to fine but to keep the city clean.
The problem of dumping wastes in undetermined areas is actual for all administrative districts.
The municipal body “Waste removal and sanitary cleaning of Yerevan” works every day without offs. However, besides such a work schedule, video surveillance and administrative sanctions it is highly important that residents show care for the city, as only this way ir will become possible to ensure cleanness everywhere.

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