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Appeal addressed to Mayor Taron Margaryan on behalf of Yerevan residents was handed to the Municipality staff


Today, since early morning numerous townspeople supporting Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan as well as those who were demanding his resignation have gathered in front of the City Hall.

The participants of the action organized in support of Mayor Taron Margaryan came up with an appeal in which they particularly demanded to continue the activity and responsibility that Yerevan Mayor undertook before the citizens who trusted him.
“Respectable Mr Margaryan,
I apply to you on behalf of all those residents who trusted you the fate of our city and hoped that the programs you have promised will be fulfilled.
We appeal to not with a request but with a demand. Our demand is clear: we demand that you should carry on your activity. We demand that all the responsibilities you have undertook should be fulfilled in order to implement Yerevan development programs. We realize that during the last one month important events took place and we believe that all the changes will be for the sake of welfare of our country. However we consider it important to speak out that the changes must not be end in itself and the promises given to us must be left outside margins. Taking all this into account you are obliged to go on your activity.
We inform that we will go on watching the events and if necessary we will present our demand and position from all possible tribunes by legal methods”.
After reading of the appeal signed “Proud citizens” it was handed to the deputy staff secretary of Yerevan Municipality.


Information and Public Relations
Department of the City Hall of Yerevan

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