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No pressure will be imposed on admission to Yerevan schools: meeting with school principals


On May 16, the RA Ministry of Education and Science launched the system of online registration of children to be admitted to the first form of secondary schools.
Some technical problems caused parents’ anxiety. This problem as well as other issues related to the reforms in the sphere of education were discussed with school principals by the RA Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan and Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Tigran Virabyan.
After online registration parents are to submit required documents to the chosen school within 15 working days, and the final registration will be confirmed there. Schools are obliged to accept documents every working day.
After the new system of e-registration was launched, many parents have applied to the Ministry with their problems. According to them, there are no places in the schools they prefer. The persons in charge assure that the problem is artificially exaggerated.
“You shouldn’t seek for the answers to your questions in the Municipality of Yerevan if you don’t get them in the Ministry of Education, and vice-versa, as these two establishments closely cooperate and have a common policy. We can’t interfere into the process fulfilled by the electronic system”, said Tigran Virabyan.
“We must end up with the wrong situation when some schools admit pupils by the recommendation of relatives, friends, neighbours. If there is no more place in schools, why do you make parents a[ly to the Ministry? Equal possibilities must be provided for everybody. Any violations must be punished and school principals must be reprimanded”, said the Minister.
In his turn the head of the Department of General Education of Yerevan Municipality raised the problem related to the order of registration and asked to study it: parents prefer to take their children to the school where their other children study.
The issues related to the councils of school boards and election of the chairs of the boards. The reforms will be put into practice next academic year. Currently, “The last school lesson” event is ahead. The principals were warned once again to be attentive and exclude any cases and even attempts of money collection.

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