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Mayor Taron Margaryan meets with Saint Petersburg Governor Georgi Poltavchenko


Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan met with Saint Petersburg Governor Georgi Poltavchenko. Greeting the governor Mayor Taron Margaryan expressed confidence that this visit would contribute to further strengthening of business ties and cooperation expansion between the two cities. Yerevan Mayor highly appreciated the efforts of Saint Petersburg government aimed at the development of bilateral relationship and once again stressed how important the relationship with the RF Northern capital are for Yerevan particularly taking into account the successful and effective interaction of the two cities.
“Mister governor, I am very happy to welcome you in Yerevan again. It shows once again that the relationship between Yerevan and Saint Petersburg is at the high level and outstands with its disinterestedness. It is certainly due to your personal contribution and I am sure that after the discussion of the issues related the implementation of the programs between the two cities we will be able to outline our further programs”, said Yerevan Mayor adding that the events carried out within Saint Petersburg Days in Yerevan program will benefit further strengthening of bilateral ties.
Expressing gratitude for warm reception Saint Petersburg Governor Georgi Poltavchenko in his turn said that the relationship with Yerevan had always been perspective for Saint Petersburg and the potential of relationship gives wide possibilities for development.
“Mister Mayor, I can state that Yerevan is a reliable partner for Saint Petersburg. I am also glad to affirm the fact that our partner city has embarked on the path of sustainable development. It said that there is no limit for perfection and I can confidently say that as regards today's Yerevan it is really so. Today I see a more improved and beautiful city, new roads and solutions, construction is carried out everywhere. This means that the city is living, developing and has got good perspectives for development. As the head of a big city I can say that the responsible city authorities are obliged to do it and I feel pleased that our colleagues from Yerevan are moving along the same way with Saint Petersburg. Together we must carry on our joint programs and experience exchange. You have programs we should adopt. In particular I mean the programs of the city improvement. I am sure that the programs successfully realized in Saint Petersburg will be interesting for Yerevan and you together with your team will realize them in Yerevan”, said Georgi Poltavchenko.
The Governor added that within the recent three years the cooperation between the two cities was really successful and fruitful. Georgi Poltavchenko also assured that within his powers he would do everything possible for further expansion and strengthening of bilateral cooperation.

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