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Municipality launches website of electronic queue for kindergartens


Currently renovation and furnishing are going on in some kindergartens of Yerevan to admit children to new groups. Deputy Mayor f Yerevan Tigran Virabyan got acquainted with the activities carried out in kindergartens N 15, N59 and N60.

“One of the priority tasks in Yerevan is children’s enrollment in kindergartens-the number of children waiting in the queue reaches 8000. Unfortunately, people enrolled their children to kindergartens and waited for their turn for years till the time came. The Mayor of the capital gave a definite instruction to find solutions to that problem”, noticed Tigran Virabyan.
To find a complete solution to that problem all the areas of kindergartens given for rent to various organizations were inventoried.
Since February 1, within the first stage of the program 350 children can attend kindergartens additionally. By the end of the year their number will have become 1000.
The website will be launched soon so as to make the process of enrollment of children more transparent and available for citizens. As a result, parents will be able to watch the system working themselves.
During the visit to the kindergartens Tigran Virabyan also got interested in the activity of the new organizations won the tenders for food catering. The persons in charge assured that the process is under permanent supervision.
In relation to the season of acute respiratory infections the children attending kindergartens are under medical control as well.
Concerning the rumours speculating that kindergartens can become payable the Deputy Mayor of the capital Tigran Virabyan stressed that this issue is not at the agenda of the city authorities.

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