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The park after Tatul Krpeyan has opened in the capital


Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan together with the RA Minister of Defence Seyran Ohanyan, the members of the family of the national Armenian hero Tatul Krpeyan and numerous residents took part in the solemn opening of the park. The new park located in the area adjacent to the junction of Guy avenue and Lvovyan street in Nor Nork district was built within the frames of Yerevan community programs provided for 2014. The newly-laid park was named after Tatul Krpeyan by the decision N-299 made by the Council of Elders of Yerevan on March 18, 2015. During the solemn ceremony Yerevan Mayor and RA Minister of Defence paid the memory tribute to the fallen Armenian azatamartiks, put flowers at the graves of the azatamartiks buried in the park. By the initiative of Mayor Taron Margaryan all conditions required for proper recreation organization have been provided in this park with the total area of about 5.64 hectares. "I think you remember the rumours spread about this park which said that trees were being cut down and green areas were being ruined. Time proved that our aim was to improve the area which used to be badly-arranged and neglected for around 20 years and to turn it into a recreation zone and hand it to the residents. I'd like to remind that the idea to create the park belonged to our young people, the students of University of Architecture and Construction who submitted the draft and today this project has been accomplished. After the park built in Ajapnyak district this is the second project of such a big scale in the capital, and we will try to do our best to have similar recreation zones in all the administrative districts", stressed the Mayor. Within the frames of the program basalt stairs were constructed in the park, the walkways were paved, the kerbs were renewed, new headwalls were built and faced with travertine and basalt tiles. The whole area of the park is provided with bowers, benches, dustbins and drinking water fountains. A tennis-court, children's playgrounds have been constructed to provide active pastime. An amphitheater was constructed in the park to hold various events. A green labyrinth was created in the area too. A water-basin with 44 small fountains was constructed. The area has been supplied with 3200 liner meters of the new irrigation system and a new external lighting system with energy-saving lamps. The area is provided with WCs as well. Attaching particular importance to naming the park after Tatul Krpeyan Mayor Taron Margaryan noted that the park is also a special symbol of patriotism for the new generation. "I am sure that this park will become a special auditorium for the lessons of patriotism and heroism where our younger generations will not only have a rest but also have the opportunity to organize patriotic events keeping bright the names of our heroes and paying tribute to their memory. I'd also like our residents to treat like owners both to this park and everything we have in our common home. It will be a memory tribute to all our heroes, as each of them would prove this way that patriotism is also preservation and care about native environment", said Taron Margaryan. RA Minister of Defence in his turn stressed that among the actions dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Tatul Krpeyan this initiative of Yerevan Mayor is very important for bringing uppatriotic generations. "The day is really symbolic as the opening of the park named after the hero of Artsakh was is held on the day of Independence of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic-the independence for which Tatul sacrificed his life. I am sure that this park will get its special place in the life of the capital and will become a basis for patriotic upbringing of the younger generations. I believe that having a rest in this park and familiarizing themselves with the history of the monuments placed here the representatives of the younger generation will try to take after our brave heroes", said Seyran Ohanyan. By the initiative of the head of Nor Nork district a memorial dedicated to the crew of the helicopter Mi-24 of the Army of Defence of Karabakh shot down on November 12, 2014 has been solemnly opened in one of the segments of the park. Mayor Taron Margaryan together with RA Minister of Defence Seyran Ohanyan and the members of Tatul Krpeyan's family walked about the newly-laid park, appreciated the work done. Tatul Krpeyan's widow and daughter thanked Mayor Taron Margaryan for initiating the program and accomplishing it in a short time and noted that today their long-cherished dream has come true.


Information and Public Relations Department
of the City Hall of Yerevan


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