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Polyclinic "Arshakunyats"

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Polyclinic "Arshakunyats"

In 1941-1945 the polyclinic "Arshakunyats" functioned as medical sanitary part, in 1945-1952 it was operated as hospital №5, in 1952-1980 – as the 5th medunion, and in 1980-2004 – as a polyclinic №18, and since 2004 up to now it's been the polyclinic Arshakunyats.
The medical institution serves 21831 adults and 6928 children. It includes the following departments and services: local therapeutic, local children’s department, women’s consultation, antituberculous service, clinical, biochemical, serological laboratories, X-ray, fluorography, sonography, ECG, bacteriological laboratory.

Specialized services are: endocrinologcal, oncological, dermatovenerological, surgical, ENT, ophthalmological, neurological, cardiological, infectious, phtisiatry, stomatological, physiotherapeutic, functional diagnostic.


Head: G. Petrosyan
Address: str. Arshakunyats 43
Tel.: +37410 44-02-12

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