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«Nor Aresh policlinic» CJSC

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Yerevan municipality-subordinated policlinic «Nor Aresh» CJSC provides free state-guaranteed out-patient aid to adults and children, dispensary care is provided as well.

 The free out-patient medical aid includes:

1. Primary health care services provided by local therapeutists, pediatricians,family doctors.

2. Specialized and dispensary services by highly skilled physicians: neurological, surgical, ENT, endocrinological, gastroenterological,infectional,urological,cardiological,thoracic,venerealogical,stomatological, ophtalmological,oncological, obstetric and gynecological, anti TB, logopedics services.

Laboratories are provided with up-to-date equipment ( biochemical, isoserologic, general clinic, enzyme and immunodetection) and instrumental examination (radiology diagnostics, functional diagnostics and ultrasound examination).



Director M. Petrosyan

Address-Azatamartikneri 82/2

Tel. (010) 45-20-21,45-24-75

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