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Development and investment programs

Functions of the department

The aim of the four-year and annual programs of Yerevan development is to ensure sustainable proportional development of Yerevan taking into consideration vital interests and welfare of the population. The guarantors of the program realization are the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the RA law “On local self-governance”, the RA law “On local self-governance in the city of Yerevan” and some other legal acts, as well as the local authorities-Yerevan Municipality and the Council of Elders of Yerevan.

The programs of Yerevan development and the reports on them are made by the Mayor and presented to the Council of Elders. While working out the project of annual budget the programs of Yerevan development are taken into account. Yerevan Municipality attaches big importance to cooperation establishment and expansion with the private sector in various spheres of the city economy. Besides, Yerevan Municipality implements projects with international organizations to introduce innovations and attract investments in the city infrastructure.
The Municipality is open and ready for cooperation with the organizations and individuals who want to contribute to Yerevan development.


Yerevan half-marathon 2016

Preparations for the organization of the international competition “Yerevan half marathon 2016” which is held jointly by Yerevan Municipality and “RepatArmenia” fund have been started.
To take part in the marathon you should check in at or



Project    “Green city lighting”

Since 2014 the City Hall has been cooperating with the international organizations, financial institutions and with the private sector and within the scope of this cooperation it started the process of replacing the natrium lamps with LED lamps.
“Green city lighting” is a pilot project of the four-year program of development implemented by joint efforts of Yerevan Municipality, Armenian office of United Nations Development Program and the Global Environment Fund (UNDP/GEF) and other organizations. The program was aimed at modernization of the system of city lighting, using of energy saving technоlogies, energy efficiency raise and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The first road along which LED lighting was built in cooperation with the private sector. Within the frames of the UNDP/GEF project “Green city lighting” external lighting was modernized in Isakov avenue: 843 energy saving LED lanterns were installed which provided 67% energy saving. Within the frames of the project the lighting system in Yerevan Zoo will be modernized as well. To provide sustainable development of city lighting the Municipality for the first time created “revolver fund” where savings caused due to modernization will be accumulated to finance new projects to provide energy efficiency of the city lighting. Installation of new systems of lighting provides 63% of energy saving which will make it possible to save annually about 45.000 US dollars and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 220 tons.

“Yerevan half-marathon”


Promoting healthy lifestyle development the programs aims at the establishment of annual international marathon contributing this way to the development of sport tourism both in the capital and throughout the republic. The event also aims at making Yerevan more attractive for sportsmen and amateur runners representing Diaspora, due to which strengthening their ties with homeland.
On October 14,2015, within the frames of “Erebuni-Yerevan 2797” celebration “Yerevan half-marathon” started at Republic square. Total distance was 21.1 km. The race was run along Nalbandyan, Vardanants, A. Manukyan, A. Isahakyan, “Cascade” complex, Moskovyan, M. Saryan streets then along Leo, Paronyan, Dzorapi streets (up to Davtashen bridge), across Haghtanak (Victory) bridge, along Argishti, Italy, V.Sargsyan streets. The marathon line was measured by the International Association for Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) as a result of which the marathon got international status. All the participants of the rune irrespectively of the result, got T-shirts and medals. The winners were awarded with monetary and memorable prizes. On October 2016 Yerevan half-marathon will be held in Armenia again.

“Energy efficiency increasing in buildings” program


On November 12, 2012 Yerevan Municipality and UNDP office signed the memorandum of intentions according to which the potential of energy saving in blocks of flats was presented by means of “Energy efficiency increasing in buildings”.

In 2013-2014 within the frames of the mentioned above program, energy saving and efficiency increasing activities were carried out in the block of flats at D. Varuzhan 6. The building was selected taking into account its high seismic activity, the existing system of central heating which made it possible to understand how effective the approach can be.
The activities included installation of windows in the basements, installation of thermo-insulation materials on external walls, replacement of windows and doors on the staircases, hydro-insulation of the roof.
In accordance with the UNDP surveys, after energy efficiency increasing in the block of flats 60% energy saving was provided.



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