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Development programs

The program of Yerevan development is a document the contents of which involves the socio-economical state of Yerevan, as well as the main directions of the development, the analysis and prognosis of perspective planning and general state of infrastructures development.
In accordance with the RA law “On local self-governance in the city of Yerevan”, the mayor makes up and submits to the Council of Elders annual, four-year, long-term and special projects of Yerevan development.
The mayor shall submit reports on the program implementation to the Council of Elders.
The programs of Yerevan development are to be made public in accordance with the procedure established by the Council of Elders.
In the case of circumstances hindering the implementation of Yerevan development program the mayor can initiate making changes in the program of Yerevan development.
In special sections of the program of Yerevan development the programs of development of Yerevan administrative districts are defined.
While developing the annual draft budget, the mayor takes into account the vital interests of Yerevan population, Yerevan development programs and the resources available.
According to the RA law “On local self-governance”, to ensure population’s participation in the process of management of the four-year development program, at the proposal of Yerevan Mayor and by the decision of the Council of Elders, the Council for four-year development program and annual budget management adjunct to the Mayor of Yerevan was formed.
Before submitting the programs of the city development to the Council of Elders, the head of the Municipality shall organize and hold open public hearings and /or discussions. The head of the Municipality6 shall present the information about the proposals received and accepted and about notes to the Council of Elders of Yerevan.