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Yerevan Sustainable Energy Development Action Plan

On September 9,2014 Yerevan Council of Elders took the decision (N 204-A) on Yerevan’s joining the Covenant of Mayors of EU. Joining the Covenant of Mayors initiative of EU Yerevan undertook the obligation to reduce green house gases emissions at least 20 % by 2020.Yerevan SEDAP was worked out within the scope of technical assistance provided by Yerevan Municipality and the UN Development Program jointly with “Energy saving Fund” NGO.

The program includes main measures aimed at energy efficiency increase in urban infrastructures the implementation of which brings to reduction of using energetic resources, greenhouse gases emissions and environment improvement. The programs involves appropriate actions aimed at energy saving, energy efficiency and application of restorable energy in such sectors as transport,street lighting ,public services as well as in residential and pubic buildings.
On June 24, 2016 the Council of Elders of Yerevan confirmed the Sustainable Energy Development Action Plan of Yerevan. Afterwards the United Research Center adjunct to European Commission studied and approved the SEDAP of Yerevan.


Yerevan City Sustainable Energy Action Plan