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Communal services

Functions of the department

Water supply and water disposal


In Yerevan the services of water supply and water disposal are provided by “Yerevan Jur” CJSC which carries out its activity in accordance with the leasing treaty signed between the RA Government an the French company “Veolia Eau-Compagnie Generale des Eaux”.
In the capital water is distributed to consumers through 1964-km distribution network.
The water supply system involves 9 water sources,103 cabotage constructions, 5 large pump stations and other structures.
Within the last 9 years the system of water supply and water disposal significantly improved.
In accordance with the corresponding decision made on April 15,2015 of the RA Commission for Public Services Regulation, the minimal water supply time in Yerevan as 17 hours a day. 80% of consumers are provided with 24-hour water supply, and 20%-with 17-hour supply.

Credit programs

On May 27,2007 the agreement on allotting the RA a credit of 24.9 million euro for drinking water supply improvement in Yerevan was signed between the RA Government and the Government of the Republic of France. Within the frames of the credit program it is provided for to restore the water cleaning station “Aeratia”, partial repairing of drinking water network and installation of electro-mechanical and hydraulic mechanisms to ensure uninterrupted water supply. It is also planned to install new water pipes, to expand the water supply network, to join new water lines and so on.
With the assistance of the European for Reconstruction and Development the Republic of Armenia was allotted the credit of 21 million USD to implement the program of water supply system improvement in Yerevan.

Sanitary cleaning and wastes disposal


Since December 1,2014 wastes disposal and sanitary cleaning in the capital is fulfilled by “Sanitek s.a.r.l” company (Lebanon). Wastes are discharged from 4865 blocks of flats and about 55000 private areas.

Yerevan city dump of Nubarashen


On march 10,2009 Yerevan Municipality and “Shimadzu” corporation (Japan) signed the treaty on getting biogas from the dump of Nubarashen. This project solved several tasks at the same time: ecological,economic and health care. On the whole the realization of the project will take 16 years.
it is estimated that till 2023 the certificated reduction of emissions equivalent to CO2 will make up 512 thousand tons.