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Functions of the department

There are 31 medical establishments subordinated to Yerevan Municipality.

Programs and measures scheduled for 2018

- Purchasing of medical equipment for medical establishments
- Renovation of medical establishments
- In 2018 some social groups will be given financial means from the municipal budget to make use of hard affordable medical services. Directions for computed tomography, for in-patient and rehabilitation treatment will be provided too. Trainings for the personnel of municipal medical establishments will be held as well.



Information on the organization of medical services for the citizens during the period from January 1 to July 31,2018


1. During the mentioned period 11882 babies (6174 boys and 5708 girls) were born in maternity homes of Yerevan.
2. 1026418 citizens applied to out-patient clinics and policlinics subordinated to Yerevan Municipality.
3. Within the scope of state order 757 directions for in-patient treatment were given to Yerevan residents
4. 231 directions for rehabilitation treatment were given to Yerevan residents on the basis of state order.


List of the needy and special groups of the population to get the right for free medical service and aid guaranteed by the Government

1. Beneficiaries included in the system of family allowance with the rates of neediness of 30.00 points and higher
2.Invalids of 1st group
3.Invalids of 2nd group
4.Invalids of 3rd group (under 18 )
5.Participants of the great Patriotic War and persons equal to them
6. Women of childbearing age: pregnancy, natal and postnatal care
7. Children under 7 years old
8.Cildern with disabilities
9.Children without parental care (under 18) and persons belonging to their number (18-23)
10. Children under 8, at the age of 12 and people older than 65 (specialized stomatological service)
11. Children of the families consisted of the disabled (under 18)
12. Families with many children (4 and more children under 18)
13. Children under 18 under dispensary control
14.Children with one parent (under 18)
15. Those who get additional medical check-up by the direction of state bodies eligible in medical and social expertise
16. Persons of pre-induction and military age 14-15 (in-patient aid, for the military age also in-patient expertise), as well as persons liable for call-up during military exercises (put-patient and in-patient examination)
17. Military men and the members of their families; members of the families of those fallen during the defence of the RA and while doing their duties.
18.Employees of rescue services and the members of their families, retired rescuers, disabled rescuers, members of the families of the rescuers died during their service.
19.Arrested and convicted persons
20. Those who live in orphanages and retirement homes
21.Participants of the activities of the elimination of Chernobyl accident consequences
22. Repressed people
23. People suffered from trafficking
24. Refugees and the members of their families.


Department of Health of the City Hall of Yerevan