New “MAN” Buses Come Out on Routes


The first batch of the new 12-metre buses of “MAN” make has come out on the routes today. The new itinerary N1 will be served by 14 buses. The itinerary connects Ajapnyak to Kanaker-Zeytun through the city centre.
Yerevan Deputy Mayor Tigran Avinyan visited the bus depot, talked to drivers and stressed that the new buses should provide a new quality of services to residents.
The vice Mayor informed that the program is implemented with the support of the EBRD, the European Union and the RA Government. He added that the residents should know that all the taxes and duties they pay are fully used for their intended purpose.
ROUTE: from Chavush square along Bashinjaghyan, Margaryan, Halabyan, Leningradyan streets then by Tsitsernakaberd highway and along Athens street towards “Haghtanak” bridge, Mashtots avenue, Koryun, Abovyan strets up to Saralanj and Azatutyan avenue, P.Sevak, K.Ulnetsi, E. Hasratyan, Z.Kanakertsi streets, then along Tbilisi highway to get Northern bus station. Backwards along the same route.
The new 12-metre buses can transport 25 sitting and 80 standing passengers. The cabins are provided with air conditioning systems, safety systems and cameras. The buses have low floors and are adjusted for wheelchair access. The buses work on compressed natural gas and are eco-friendly. 
The community also starts the process of installation of unified ticket systems to make payments maximally simple and convenient.
It is planned to have separate lanes for public transport. Modern bus-stop cabins will be constructed as well.
14 new “Zhong Tong” buses have also come out to serve Route 58. These buses are 8.6 m long and can transport 60 passengers. It starts from Erebuni quarter, then along Khaghagh Don, Titogradyan, Ayvazovski, Erebuni, Atoyan, Belinski and S.David streets comes to Tigran Mets avenue, Republic square, Amiryan street, and along Masthots, Baghramyan avenues moves to Kasyan street, then Komitas and Azatutyan avenues, goes along P.Sevak, Rubinyants, Khudyakov, N.Safaryan, Marshal Baghramyan, Ashkhabad streets towards Avan-Arinj bus stop. Backwards along the same route.
In no time all purchased buses will come out on the routes. Import of the new buses is only one part of the public transport reforms. The city authorities will carry on working in the direction of full solution of the problem.
It is planned to replace old Chinese buses with new 18-metre electric buses, a new management system will be installed.

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