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300 elevators to be installed in 2021 instead of announced 100 ones


Almost 70% of the elevators in Yerevan have been in use for more than 40 years while they shouldn’t be operated for more than 25 years as they are worn off. In accordance with Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan’s decision, this year it is planned to install 300 new elevators instead of previously announced 100 ones.

Up to now 520 new elevators have already been installed.
Currently, there are about 3000 elevators in Yerevan which are to be replaced with new ones. The most worn out ones are replaced first.
According to the law “On the management of blocks of flats”, elevators belong to dwellers by the right of share ownership. Taking into account the social aspect of the problem and the residents’ security, the city authorities made a decision to initiate this program.
This year, new elevators will be installed in the blocks of flats where citizens disabled during the war live. The entrances will also have wheelchair access. All new elevators are adapted for people with vision, hearing and locomotor disabilities.




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