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A new building to be built for sport school after Albert Azaryan


Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan visited the children and youth sport school of the Olympic reserve after Albert Azaryan.
Since its foundation in 1969 the school hasn’t been overhauled. Some renovation was carried out about 20 years ago. Today the school has about 200 pupils. Besides, the Armenian national team of gymnastics, the world and Europe champions and medalists train here.
Talking to the Mayor the President of the Federation of Gymnastics and Acrobatics of Armenia, director of the sport school Albert Azaryan noted that the conditions in the school don’t correspond to international standards and don’t provide appropriate possibilities for athletes to have their trainings. Mayor Marutyan noted that Yerevan Municipality planned to renovate the sport school, but after seismic studies it became clear that the renovation is impossible. To give the problem a complex solution it was decided to build a new building. “One of the ways to settle the situation is to construct a completely new building corresponding to international standards. We think that it should be in sport surroundings. A number of variants are being discussed currently. The sport school won’t stop working during the construction process. Actually, it would be fine if we built it in this very place, but in this case the construction would last a few years”, stressed the Mayor.
In near future it will be decided on the location. The Mayor instructed the persons in charge to complete the process as soon as possible. The competition for the project of a new building with new infrastructures, equipment and comfortable conditions will be announced in advance.


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