Maximally Open and Transparent Work, Citizens’ Involvement: “Open Government Partnership” Programs Discussed

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The First Deputy Mayor Levon Hovhannisyan hosted the head of “Open Government Partnership” Eastern Partnership Program Peter Varga. The OGP-Armenia coordinator Lilia Afrikyan, the head of Yerevan Municipality Department of Development and Investment Programs Armen Harutyunyan were present at the meeting as well.
In 2022, Yerevan became the member of the “Open Government Partnership-Local” initiative. The Action Plan for the years 2023-2024 was worked out in teamwork with the representatives of civil society, NGOs and active citizens. The Action Plan was confirmed by the Council of Elders of Yerevan and in January was published at the official webpage of the “Open Government Partnership”.
Levon Hovhannisyan outlined that it is the first time they have worked out such a program as a member of the OGP family, and they will do their best to implement it successfully so as to undertake more ambitions missions later on. Within the frames of the Action Plan the city authorities undertook three main functions. Transparency of government results from the policy adopted by the state and the political team and the goals of out country to a democratic state. The First Deputy Mayor expressed hope that due to the cooperation with OGP the system of government will become maximally transparent, citizen-oriented, inclusive and innovative. Levon Hovhannisyan also presented the recent activities, in particular, digitation of paperwork, installation of the new system of non-cash payments, expansion of online services. He also noted that the city authorities periodically work out programs to attract citizens to the processes of working out of annual and perspective programs of the city development.
Expressing gratitude for the meeting the head of OGP Eastern Partnership Program Peter Varga noted that the organization is willing to show support to Yerevan in the implementation of its commitments. He said they are glad that Yerevan has become a member of the OGP team. All outlined directions are important Mr.Varga expressed confidence that Yerevan will get success and significant improvements will be visible. In May, OGP Week event is held in all member countries and Yerevan is also expected to participate. In September, it is planned to hold a forum in Estonia and the delegation of Yerevan is also invited.
The OGP-Armenia coordinator Lilia Afrikyan outlined the development and installation of the ethic rules for civil workers which is one of the most important components of the program.
A number of technical issues related to the program fulfillment were discussed during the meeting as well.

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