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By the decision of the Council of Elders the number of employees of “Waste removal and sanitary cleaning” company has increased


The electronic system of voting was presented during the 1st meeting of the 3rd session of the Council of Elders of Yerevan. From now on the members of the Council can check in, vote and line for questions and speeches via the installed automated system.

The incomes and expenditures of the budget of Yerevan will increase by AMD 6.9 million. Today the Council of Elders approved of the relevant draft decision. According to the project, AMD 3.6 million is to be directed to the payment for alternative working services of 11 persons who started alternative jobs in the municipal organizations after winter conscription, and AMD 3.28 million is to be directed at the construction of the pedestal of the monument to Karen Demirchyan in the area of the Concert and Sport Complex after Karen Demirchyan.
Another issue of the agenda related to the draft decision on changing the designated purpose of the land spot of 4470.0 sq m owned by
Atlas Invest” CJSC .The owner plans to construct a multi-functional complex in this area located at 57/7 Arshakunyats avenue.
Taking into account that the Armenian branch of “Sanitek” CJSC and “Sanitek International” CJSC don’t meet their contractual obligations in the whole administrative territory of Yerevan, the waste removal and sanitary cleaning of 12 administrative districts of Yerevan are to be carried out by the municipal organization. At today’s meeting the Council took a decision to increase the number of employees of “Waster removal and sanitary cleaning of Yerevan” municipal company and the new list of employees was affirmed. Deputy Mayor Hayk Sargsyan marked that generally, the financial means disbursed to the sphere from the budget of Yerevan won’t exceed the amounts provided for payments to “Sanitek” during the previous years.
The meeting was followed by the Q&A. The members of the Council addressed their questions to the Mayor, to the heads of the administrative districts and the municipal subdivisions.
The next regular meeting of the Council of Elders of Yerevan is scheduled for October 8.



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