This Cooperation is Invincible: Paris Deputy Mayor Anouch Toranian Hosts Yerevan Delegation


Paris Deputy Mayor Anouch Toranian hosted Yerevan Deputy Mayor Levon Hovhannisyan and the leaders of the factions of Yerevan Council of Elders involved in the official delegation – leader of the “Civil Contract” faction Armen Galjyan, leader of the “Republic” faction Ani Khachatryan, leader of the “Public Voice” faction Vahan Avagyan and leader of the “National Progress” faction Isabella Abgaryan.
Greeting the guests, Paris Deputy Mayor stressed that the two capital cities have a tight relationship owing to which numerous programs of high importance have already been implemented. Anouch Toranian also outlined that the cooperation between Yerevan and Paris is not just constant, it is invincible.
Pointing out the importance of cooperation expansion with French partner cities and regions, Yerevan Deputy Mayor marked that Paris has an essential significance. Levon Hovhannisyan stressed that in all times Paris showed its commitment to high human values.
During the meeting members of Yerevan Council of Elders attached importance to cooperation establishment between the city councils of the two capitals, which will benefit the development of the legislative institution of the city.

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