Yerevan to Have “Green development” Platform Where Programs for Solution of Environmental Problems Can Be Presented

Green development

ԱA working meeting was held in the City Hall with the representatives of the civil society to form the “Green Development” platform assumed within the scope of Yerevan Action Plan for 2023-2024. The project is implemented by “Open Government Partnership Local” initiative.
The liabilities undertaken by Yerevan within the frames of the Action Plan as well as the steps taken towards their fulfillment were briefly presented during the meeting.
The head of Yerevan Municipality Department of Development and Investment Programs Armen Harutyunyan stressed that it is vital to take measures to increase energy saving and energy efficiency level in an urban environment and to develop renewable energy reducing CO emissions. The “Green Development” platform will regularly be brought up to date and will contain information about the actions taken by Yerevan Municipality to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the level of air pollution, saved energy resulted from energy efficient programs. It will also challenge community-owned organizations to correspond with sustainability standards and to get an appropriate certificate entitled “Green Seal”, to  keep up with procedures of green purchases thereby contributing to sustainable consumption and production.
The participants of the discussion came up with a number of proposals such as having separate sections on the platform for water supplies management, atmosphere air, climate changes in Yerevan. It was offered that the sections have information about strengthening the control over construction development norms and waste management.
The opinions and ideas fixed during the fruitful discussion will serve a base for the platform which will increase the awareness of “green’ programs implementation and control making them transparent, innovative and accountable.

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