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Yerevan budget draft for 2020


Yerevan Mayor’s deputies Hayk Sargsyan, Tigran Virabyan and Sergey Harutyunyan presented the details of the draft of Yerevan budget for 2020.The inflows into Yerevan budget in 2019 made 83 milliard 200 million drams; the expectations of next year is up to 107 milliard drams. The share of municipal incomes will increase. The volumes of expenses will make 116 milliard drams, in 2019 this amount was 91 milliard.
In accordance with the draft of the budget of 2020, it is planned to install a new model of landscaping. AMD 3.6 milliard will be disbursed for it. It is also planned to increase the financial means for resettlement of the dwellers of the blocks of flats of high emergency rate. AMD 1.5 is anticipated for the improvement of yard areas.
In 2020, the employees of municipal music, art and sport schools will get a pay rise. It will become possible to increase the number of children attending kindergartens.
As regards the medical sphere the Municipality plans to carry out a number of large-scale projects. The policlinics will be renovated and provided with necessary modern medical equipment. The draft budget will be submitted to public discussion, and in December the draft will be submitted for the discussion of the Council of Elders.

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