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Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan’s address on Yerevan Day


Dear Yerevanians,
Today the capital city Yerevan is becoming 2799 and I congratulate all of us on the event. Today Armenians worldwide are celebrating the birthday of beloved capital under the slogan “City of love” with unhidden pride that our ancient but always young home is becoming more and more stable due to our joint efforts and it proudly stands before the world  making its position and role stronger among sustainable developing capitals.           
Today Yerevan is recognized in the world as a safe, comfortable, proportionally developing, warm and kind, hospitable city. It is a fact confirmed by the professional assessment of a number of authoritative organizations assessing all of us that way. Yes, all of us, because each achievement of Yerevan is the result of our coordinated teamwork, our endless devotion and caring attitude to our city.

Yerevanians have always been and are the permanent participants of any program and initiative aimed at Yerevan development. With our confidence, courageous work and exclusive ability to love our hometown each of us take all efforts so that everyone visiting the capital of all Armenians could see, hear, feel and love Yerevan.
Dear Yerevanians,
Times and generations certainly change but the love, warmth and care for Yerevan stay an invariable value and I believe that nothing can change it. I am sure that each of in our place, within our possibilities, abilities and skills will go on doing our best for Yerevan so as to make it better and more comfortable and with honour pass it to subsequent generations.
And today, let’s celebrate the 2799th anniversary of “Erebuni-Yerevan” altogether and wish our City of love-Yerevan to go on its way uninterruptedly for thousands of years.
Happy birthday, Yerevan!


Yerevan Mayor

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