Yerevan Municipality undertakes disinfection of public transport


On the assignment of Yerevan Mayor and the instruction of the RA Ministry of Health the municipal public transport is being disinfected. Disinfection activities are to be carried out every day after the shift is over. Generally, nearly 150 buses,40 trolleybuses and 30 metro carriages are to be disinfected daily.

The whole process is under Mayor’s supervision. Each activity is reported. The disinfection activities will be continued as long as it is required by the Minister of Health’s directive. The private companies maintaining the public transport have been sent the Minister’s directives as well. They were urged to carry out appropriate activities”, said the acting head of Yerevan Municipality Department of Transport Edgar Galstyan.
The process of disinfection is carried out with up-to-date technical means and special liquids by “Disinfection centre” CJSC. The liquid is Surfanios Premium disinfectant detergent which neutralizes all viruses. The same detergent is used in other countries.
After midnight the process will start in the trains of the Yerevan Metro. Special groups of workers will carry out the process and in the morning the carriages will be ready for operation.