Discussions With Experts of Sphere Are of High Importance to Restore Green Look of Yerevan: Tigran Avinyan Participates in Scientific Conference

Nature protection

Total surface of public green areas of Yerevan is approximately 900 hectares. Nowadays it has become vital to replace old sick trees with new ones. To find professionally grounded solution to the problem a conference was held in the City Hall. Specialists of the sphere, representatives of the international organizations participated in the conference. Yerevan Deputy Mayor Tigran Avinyan outlined that approximately 50% of the green fund of the city doesn’t perform the function it is provided for. Many trees have become old and sick, the green surface of the city has shrunk or even disappeared for a number of reasons.
The problem needs urgent solution as the level of air pollution in the capital city is increasing and trees are the main means to mitigate the situation.
Lack of irrigation, selection of unsuitable sorts of plants, cutting downs of trees and absence of proper treatment: the problems have been rooted for years. At the meeting the scientists expressed their opinions about the situation and came up with proposals related to modern approaches and methods to be used.
Climate changes, construction development and incorrect, ineffective care for trees had negative impact on the quality of air. The city authorities in teamwork with the specialists of the sphere outlined the vector for further activities. In parallel with replacement of old trees with new, more viable ones the irrigation networks of the city must be renovated and put into operation. It is planned to lay more green zones and to recover existing ones.
According to Tigran Avinyan, the city authorities are ready to allot all possible means to restore the green look of the city. Relevant tenders have been held, the new sorts of threes to be planted are rather expensive, however Yerevan will do its best to get its green areas well-arranged with trees with healthy foliage and appropriate significance.
Besides, illegally occupied zones in courtyards must be greened and all parks and gardens of the city are to be freed from various inappropriate entities.
Consideration of the international experience and the opinions and proposals of Armenian experts resulted in drawing up the document containing the main concept of the development of green areas so that they correspond with their environmental task.


«Երևանի կանաչ կերպարը վերականգնելու համար գիտնականների և փորձագետների հետ քննարկումները շատ կարևոր են». Տիգրան Ավինյանը մասնակցել է գիտական աշխատաժողովին