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Working group for implementation of program of installation of new transport network of Yerevan has been formed


By the decision of the Deputy Prime Minister of the RA a working group was formed to discuss the reports and estimates as well as activities aimed at the installation of the new transport network in Yerevan.
The working group consist of the deputy ministers of the Territorial Administration and Infrastructures, of Justice, if High Technology Industries, of the Environment, Of Economics as well as the representatives of the committees for urban development, state revenue, deputy head of the RA Police, the advisor and assistant to the RA Prime Minister.
The issues related to the scheme of the new itinerary network and mechanisms of management were highlighted and discussed during the first meeting.
“The residents of the city have been waiting for the solution of transport problems for a few years. I am sure that joining our efforts we will manage to get the results in a short time”, said the First Deputy Mayor Hrachya Sargsyan.
The members of the working group in their turn stressed the national significance of settlement of this problem. It was noted that within a few days the full package of transport system changes will be submitted to public.

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