“Yerevan Needs Smart Solutions To Surely Make Our Life Easier”: Vice-Mayor Tigran Avinyan


Every day approximately 1300-1800 tons of garbage is removed from Yerevan to Nubarashen dump. Annually, it makes 600 thousand tons. The problems related to the installation of digital technology and applications for waste management were discussed during the meeting of Yerevan Deputy Mayor Tigran Avinyan with the representatives of “ The Big 3” company. The RA Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures Vache Terteryan, heads of administrative districts of Yerevan, persons in charge of structural subdivisions and municipal establishments were present at the meeting as well.
According to Tigran Avinyan, all services rendered by Yerevan Municipality actually require reconsideration from the point of view of management. During the meeting they discussed the use of applications which can bring more sophisticated processes of waste management.
The application presented to Yerevan makes it possible to supervise and watch the process of trash removal starting from the itineraries the trucks follow up to the dump.
“The Big 3” company is a Russian company engaged with digitalization of waste management process. There are certain offers and solutions to be applied in Armenia and get relevant waste management. The process becomes more transparent and makes it possible to estimate and calculate tariffs and subsidiaries correctly thereby making the city have a cleaner environment”, stressed the Investment Projects Manager Gorah Kotanjyan.
According to the General Manager of “The Big 3” company Artyom Sedov, the program is aimed at automation of the whole work process of companies engaged in waste removal and receptance. What is the most important is that the city authorities have the whole picture of the process: who creates the wastes, who removes it and where to, what are the fees, and last but not least, no building wastes or rubbish of other type will appear in Yerevan streets which have such rich historical connotation.
The community takes steps to start the full process of waste sorting and recycling. The goal is to install effective systems of waste management like in many developed cities and to improve the condition of the capital’s ecosystem.
Artyom Sedov is sure that Yerevan has big perspectives for waste management and taking into account the natural surroundings, people and the interest of the city authorities, many of the presented ideas will be fulfilled.
“Out next step is to discuss the problem of recycling which will result in more effective waste management. The presented program is interesting and is already in use, so this program or some other similar program will soon be installed in Yerevan. Smart solutions are required in Yerevan as many processes are managed mechanically. The new technology is called to make our life easier”, stressed Tigran Avinyan.


«Երևանին խելացի լուծումներ են հարկավոր, որոնք, վստահաբար, մեր կյանքը շատ ավելի կհեշտացնեն». փոխքաղաքապետ Տիգրան Ավինյան