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First Deputy Mayor announces about absolutely new transport system in Yerevan


The delegation of Yerevan was in the Czech Republic with a five-day working visit. The aim of the visit is to study the transport system of Praha on the spot and to establish cooperation.
“Within the frames of the visit we had a number of meetings with the representatives of the transport enterprise of Praha, with private operators, we visited bus stations of other cities and towns”, said the First Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Hrachya Sargsyan.
The results of the working visit were discussed recently in the City Hall.
Passenger transportation in Czechia are carried out by 3 transportation means. The main transport is the Underground providing 48% of passenger transportation. Trams provide 28% ad buses provide 24% of transportation. 70% of public transport is community-owned, and 30% is owned by private companies.
“The work is controlled from the control centre which makes it possible to see the situation with each vehicle at any time. Cameras are installed both outside and inside the buses which gives additional possibility to organize passenger transportation”, noted the First Deputy Mayor.
The transport system of Praha serves 3.3 million passengers daily. A unified ticket system functions for all kinds of transport.
“There are two systems of payment-prepaid and postpaid. Special tariffs are provided for different social groups. For comparing I can say that the prices in Yerevan and Praha significantly differ”, informed Hrachya Sargsyan.
During the visit to Chezia the members of the Yerevan Municipality delegation also met with the representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, of other organizations and departments as well as of well-known vehicle producers “Skoda Electric” and “Iveco”.
The visit of Yerevan delegation was organized and financed by the Czech party.
Summarizing the results of the visit the First Deputy Mayor stated that the approaches to the solution of the problems with transport system are similar.
Within the scope of the program of transport system reformation Yerevan Municipality goes on meetings and discussions with representatives of companies known in this sphere. The city authorities are ready to discuss any proposal on business cooperation targeted at transport system improvement.



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